VVH-TV News: Special Report on PLUM ISLAND


VVH-TV News Chief Investigative Reporter Karl Grossman interviews author Long Island native and lawyer Michael Christopher Carroll about his work “Lab 257″. This work takes us on a shocking journey inside the notorious Plum Island biological research facility. Carroll spent five years researching this highly detailed and powerful account of the secretive government installation that sits just off the coast of some of New York’s prime real estate, an installation that has had its share of meltdowns, mishaps and downright scary security breaches, including two known releases of deadly viruses into the air.
Owned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Plum Island lies just off the coast of the North Fork of Long Island. This otherwise uninhabited, woodsy island has a long history of controversy and secrecy, as Carroll so intricately details, and just may have put the millions of residents of the Tri-State area in utter danger of exposure to fatal animal diseases, including Rift Valley fever, West Nile virus, and even anthrax, time and time again. Lab 257 is a wake-up call to people to be more aware of what goes on in their own backyards.


2 Responses to “VVH-TV News: Special Report on PLUM ISLAND”

  1. TruthSkewl Says:

    Sounds like a real life Island of Dr. Moreau.

  2. Karen Bracken Says:

    And if you think this administration is above using this against the American people you better think again. Obama and his cronies are all strong supporters of reducing the population. This is why they push Planned Parenthood and abortions. Gee just think how convenient if a little oopsie happened at Plum Island.