Rabbi Marvin Antelman on Israel National Radio

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Dr. Rabbi Marvin Antelman author of “To Eliminate the Opiate, volumes I and II” radio interview.

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  1. paul maleski Says:

    Interesting but deadly times.
    What a fascinating, illuminating interview. Rabbi Marvin Antelman’s concerns should be circulated way beyond the confines of the jewish community. For many years, I have believed that dark unstoppable forces have infiltrated not only the US neo-con movement but also the British political establishment, this is dangerously undemocratic. Today: Too much money and not enough morality lubricates the corrupt system! The Sabbateans were discreet but very influential, in much the same way as the Donmeh were, Kemal Ataturk and the Young Turks went onto create the secular state of Turkey. Is President Mahmoud Sabourjian (Ahmadinejad) the new Jacob Frank?